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The Top 5 Gifts for Dad (That He’ll Actually Use)

It’s that time of the year again, when we go out of our way to get dad that gift he’s earned all year. Father’s Day gifts are usually the ones that will end up sitting in the back of his closet until it’s used for a Halloween costume or becomes a casualty of the donation bag or the trash can. This year let’s get dad something that is cool, useful, and affordable too, so you won’t have to break the bank. Here is a short list of gifts that dad will love and actually use.

1. Cast-Iron Bacon Press




Who doesn’t love bacon? What better gift for the dad who loves his bacon, than the Cast-Iron Bacon Press from Norpro. Made of heavy cast iron with a wooden knob handle, the press measures 8 ½ inches. The press is also a multi-cooking tool used with quesadillas, paninis, and pork chop press. Don’t let your pork loving dad go any longer without this item.


2. The Art of Fixing Things Book

This is the book you must read before you read any other ‘how-to’ guide to repairing cars, household appliances, garden machines, and farm equipment, or doing home improvements.  For the complete beginner, and the more experienced home repairer, it contains 185 crisp black and white photo illustrations, direct, and simple explanations, and easy to follow directions, for doing repairs, and making things last longer.  Perfect for the dad who’s always fixing the things you broke.


3. Stone Cask Ice Rounds

Is your dad in the market for slow melting alternative to his cool down his favorite whiskey this Father’s Day? Then the Stone Cask Ice Rounds is the perfect last minute gift. The molds which are made from durable, dishwasher safe silicon form the perfect ice rounds. The molds are quick and easy to fill and remove the ice, to have your dad drinking like Don Draper this Father’s Day.


4. Dollar Shave Club Membership 

Don’t just give your dad a gift on Father’s Day give him a gift that gives all year long. Dollar Shave Club offers three options which have your dad with new razors all year long. I know my dad complains about buying replacement razors, Dollar Shave Club will send one razor along with cartridge refills each month. One of the three options promises to give your dad a Father’s Day every month.


5. B Lit Lighting System


Do you know a dad in constant need of a little extra light for projects, repairs, or outdoor adventures?  (Or are you tired of holding a flashlight for dad?) Then B Lit is the perfect last minute fathers day gift.  The B Lit Lighting System is a radically new tool that creates endless hands-free lighting and brilliant storage options, and, it's made in the USA.  Hang it, Stick it, Stand it, or Clip it.  Your dad probably already has a flashlight that works with B Lit, but if not B Lit also offers combo packs, and the best of the best flashlights at varying prices to fit your budget.  


  • June 03, 2015
  • Kenneth James