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B Lit Lighting System with LED Light 2-Pack


The Most Functional Lighting Device Since the Flashlight Itself!  And, it's MADE in the USA!

This combo pack includes two B Lit Light Mounts and two 30 Lumen LED flashlights.  Since each light only uses one AA battery, you can store a backup battery in the B Lit (see photo) so you always have light when you need it.

The B Lit is a Hands Free Flashlight Mount that works with common flashlights to provide Versatile Lighting for Virtually Any Situation. 

Mount a flashlight in the B Lit and you're ready to go! Use it as a headlamp, or clip it on other apparel items. Two neodymium magnets mount it to steel objects.  The built in hook lets you hang it from things.  It works as a spotlight with adjustable angles.  It's the smallest, lightest, most universal way to mount a light, hands free, for all your projects and adventures!


  • Hands free lighting
  • Innovative angle control
  • Endless uses
  • Excellent for indoor/outdoor use
  • Made in the USA 

Click the "How to Use" link for additional info.

Let There B Lit!

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